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Running In Circles
Thursday, October 11th
Happy Phonyversary!

Well, I haven't blogged anything in a long while, and that's a shame, really, because lots of good things have been happening—especially on the running front. I've finished two 10K's under 40 minutes, the most recent one in 39:20. I've set a post-30 PR in the 5k with an 18:25. And I even competed in a track meet (with poor results, but that's beside the point.) Considering all the training I've been doing the last few months, plus helping to take care of the Little Dude, it's not really surprising to find I don't have much time on the computer.

Speaking of the Little Dude, his big day kind of stole the limelight from Angie's and my wedding anniversary. We've decided, instead, to celebrate the anniversary of our first date, which happens to be ten years ago today. So, Happy Phonyversary to us!
Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing underwater.