The Handsome Man with Athletic Thighs
Running In Circles
Wednesday, June 25th
I ran mile repeats today. It's been many years, but they were just as hard as I remembered them.

I'm discovering it's hard to make a blog post that's the least bit interesting. Mostly, I'm too tired to concentrate very well. I need to start getting some more sleep, which I think I'll do now.
Tuesday, June 24th
Today's workout was three sets of four minutes hard, three minutes easy. After witnessing my hard effort, two different people told me that I had a "good stride." I just hope I'm not over-striding, as that's a problem I've had in past. It looks pretty, but it's not efficient.
Monday, June 23rd
Last week, I finally started running real workouts. I'm hoping it's not too little, too late. My base mileage never reached a good level, so now I'm adding quality while working on quantity too. That's frequently a recipe for injury. I'll need to be careful and ease off if necessary, which could be hard with my goal race only 75 days away.

All that said, I feel better about my running now that I'm doing more than slow jogging. Easy runs feel like drudgery; hard workouts feel like progress. I put myself on a pretty tough program—each week I'll run two interval workouts, one tempo run, one long run, two easy runs, and one total rest day. My legs, I imagine, will feel a bit tired in July and August.

I'm planning to blog every day until I leave for my big race. Some of it is a warm-up for posting commentary on the Tour de France in July, some of it is a personal record for me to look back on, and some of it is that I miss having a creative outlet.
Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing underwater.