Voyage to Beer Heaven
I just returned from a trip to Belgium. Needless to say, I sampled some of the many fine beers that country has to offer. Half the fun was looking at the different glasses the beer came in. You pretty much knew what you were drinking at any time just by looking at the vessel in your hand. I was a gigantic nerd and took pictures of nearly every beverage I had and the container it came in.

Tongerlo Tripel. A tripel done in classic Trappist style. A light, crisp taste with a whopping 8% alcohol content.

Kwak. This beer is named for the glass in which it is served. When you near the end of your drink the beer exits the funny bulb at the end of the glass with a "kwak, kwak, kwak" sound. It's a pretty tasty ale, besides.

Lambic Doux. This was brewed on-site, and it tastes like a cider--a very sweet cider you could drink all day. Dangerous stuff.

Charles Quint. I don't know anything about this beer, other than it is named after Charles V. It tasted good though.

Leffe Brune. I choose the Brune (Brown) over the blond, since I generally prefer darker beers to lighter ones. This one was quite delicious.

Duvel. A little too "pilsner" for my taste, although it rang in at a respectable 6.5% alcohol content.

Belle-vue Kriek. Plenty of fruit overtones and a beautiful red color. It almost looked like wine, but certainly didn't taste like it.

Grand Place White. This beer was brewed on-site. It was mellow and very drinkable, just like a white beer should be.

Westmalle Tripel. I had actually ordered the Dubel, since I hadn't tried one yet, but the waiter brought this by mistake. I didn't argue, especially once I saw it weighed in at a hefty 9.5% alcohol content. Yowzer!

Belle-vue Gueuze. I ordered this because I knew nothing about it. I'm not even sure I had heard about it before I went to Belgium. I recommend it highly. It has a slight fruit taste, but the bitterness of the beer complements it perfectly.

Rodenbach. I'd only heard this beer refered to as the "bitter red," so I was surprised to find it had some fruit taste to it as well. I don't feel it matched the bitterness as well as the Gueuze did. The two tastes fought for dominance, rather than blending together. Still, it is worth trying--but then, so is any beer.