The Handsome Man with Athletic Thighs
Running In Circles
Thursday, July 21st

Resting Pulse: 54 bpm
Weight: 166 lbs.
Course: Pit Bull Run [House Mix]
Distance: 6 Miles
Time: 48:10
Other Exercises: None
Weather: Sunny

Comments: I ran six miles today. I started out at an easy pace, then ramped up my speed over the last three miles. I wasn't sure why I was pushing myself, but it felt like the right thing to do.

Today's stage did little to excite me. I was hoping Axel Merckx could pull off the stage when, but he faltered on the daunting final climb. (A ten percent average gradient? Ouch!) Rasmussen lost a few seconds to Ullrich, but that's of little consequence; Ullrich should crush Rasmussen in the upcoming ITT and take third place easily.

WARR: T-minus 58 Days
Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing underwater.