The Handsome Man with Athletic Thighs
Running In Circles
Tuesday, July 12th

Resting Pulse: 56 bpm
Weight: 170 lbs.
Course: Pit Bull Run [House Mix]
Distance: 6 Miles
Time: 48:10
Other Exercises: None
Weather: Partly Sunny, 78°

Comments: I ran six miles at medium effort. Except during the last mile, I felt pretty good—certainly much better than yesterday.

I expected Armstrong would attack today, and I thought he would likely win the stage. He came close, but it's hard to win from a four-man break when two of your opponents are on the same team. Also, I could tell that no one wanted to work from the front. Armstrong did most of the work and towed Rasmussen, Mancebo, and Valverde along with him. But the question of the day had to be: What happened to Vino? I never expected to see him get dropped. I think he pretty much ruined his chances of standing on the podium. The T-Mobile squad looked great a couple of days ago, but they fell apart on the first real test of the Tour.

Maybe this is finally Macebo's year to stand on the podium. He looked like he'd been stabbed in the kidney, but he hung in there with Armstrong to the top of a Category One climb. If he can do that in the Pyrenees too, he should finish pretty high—but maybe not as high as Valverde, who showed today why everyone thinks he's a future champion.

WARR: T-minus 67 Days
Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing underwater.