The Handsome Man with Athletic Thighs
Running In Circles
Wednesday, July 27th
Bike to Work Day

Resting Pulse: Not Recorded
Weight: Not Recorded
Course: None
Distance: Zero
Time: N/A
Other Exercises: 110 Minutes of Biking
Weather: Sunny, Warm

Comments: I didn't bother running today because my legs were pretty wiped out from biking to and from work. The trip was only eleven miles each way, but the route contained many hills. It took me forty-five minutes to get to work, and sixty-five minutes to get home. I guess that indicates which direction has a net uphill climb. Except for a brief moment when an eighteen-wheeler drifted into the bike lane and left me only a few inches of clearance, the ride was uneventful. I have decided, however, that someone needs to change the name from "bike lane" to "broken-glass, loose-gravel, and enormous-thorny-weed lane."

WARR: T-minus 52 Days
Sometimes I feel like I'm breathing underwater.